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What to Expect

Step 1: Consultation

Your initial appointment involves a consultation with your dentist to discuss your primary concerns and goals. Your dentist may require an updated panoramic radiograph, along with a comprehensive intra-oral examination to assess your bite and overall oral health. Your dentist will then present you with a diagnosis and available treatment options.

Step 2: 3D Scan | Smile Design

During this appointment the clinician will take an intra-oral 3D scan of your teeth and bite. The scans are used to create a precise digital model of your mouth profile and then used as the blueprint to create your custom aligners. Photos of your smile and profile will also be acquired to cohesively work with the scans. The model images and photos are then uploaded through a secure portal for the AURRA digital orthodontic team to review. You may then consult with your dentist and map out your customized smile journey.

Step 3: Your AURRA Delivery

Once your trays have arrived, you'll be notified and asked to come in for your AURRA delivery appointment. If you have a more complex case, your dentist may need to add attachments - a small tooth-coloured bump attached to the teeth to aid movement. (Not everyone needs attachments - just like your smile, each case is unique). Once the attachments have been placed, the aligners will be placed in and you will be guided on the use and care of the aligners.

Step 4: AURRA Tracking

During your AURRA journey, the dental team will be collaborating with you through on-going, in-person follow-ups to ensure you are tracking properly. Don't worry, we understand your busy schedule and these appointments only take about 10 minutes. These appointments are critical in the success of your AURRA journey. They allow the dental team to ensure all aligners are fitting well and making the necessary movements.

Step 5: Retain Your Beautiful Smile

AURRA retainers are the last stage in your treatment and plays a crucial role in your orthodontic care. Retention works to preserve the results achieved through your clear aligner treatment. Once you finish your AURRA treatment, our retainers help to maintain the corrected alignment of your teeth to allow your remarkable smile to shine forever.