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At Aurra, we believe that dental luxury shouldn't just be a dream. It should be a reality that anyone can experience. That's why we're on a mission to revolutionize the way you think about dental care.

Our team of experts are here to help. From our cutting-edge technology to our personalized approach, we're dedicated to making sure that every patient feels valued and cared for.




AURRA is an innovative treatment for straightening teeth and correcting common dental concerns by using digital technology and clear aligners overseen by your dental team.


Smile Design

Virtually invisible and easily removable, AURRA is a discreet and convenient alternative to traditional metal braces. AURRA delivers remarkable smiles using a distinctive system that expedites movement and delivers one of the fastest clear dental aligner solutions in the world.



The heart and soul of AURRA treatment goes beyond straightening teeth. It is about transforming lives by giving individuals a new confidence, while living the life you desire with minimal to no disruptions. And who doesn’t love a remarkable smile?

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Designed by Dentists for Dentists

Aurra was designed by dentists for the dental community to create a unique orthodontic aligner solution, enhancing the patient experience and treatment outcome through expert-driven customization and precision.  By leveraging the specialized knowledge, and clinical experience of dental professionals, these aligners are tailored to meet individual patient needs more accurately.  This results in a more comfortable fit, improved efficacy in aligning teeth, and reduced treatment times. Additionally, the dentist's ongoing supervision ensures timely adjustments and addresses any issues promptly, leading to higher satisfaction and better overall dental health outcomes.

Why Choose AURRA?

Find out how AURRA can help keep your smile aligned, with the lifestyle you define.
Science behind AURRA

Science behind AURRA

Our aligners are made with Zendura FLX™ material which is made for AURRA. It is a multilayer aligner material that is widely recognized as the new benchmark for exceptional teeth movement and patient comfort. Zendura FLX™ features a unique dual-shell construction with an elastomeric polyurethane inner core encased in a hard outer shell. This decreases treatment time and increases durability and comfort.


AURRA is committed to seeking out products and materials that have a positive impact on the environment whenever possible. We will soon bring a product to market in Canada that will reduce the overall carbon footprint.
Digital Solution


AURRA is a fully digital aligner company where your dental professional will scan your mouth with a digital camera. Your digital smile will then be transmitted to our centralized digital manufacturing facility. No messy impressions, no paper, no fuss. AURRA is green.


AURRA Aware aims to give back to communities globally. For each set of aligners fabricated, AURRA pledges to donate to registered charities worldwide, focusing on providing access to education and healthcare.
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